Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Om Nom Nom

As I have previously mentioned, Cameroonians love to eat. They also love it when their American students cook some “nourriture américaine.” And previous students have set the bar high with things like pizza, tacos, and hamburgers. So last night Rebecca, another American student in Dschang for ISP, and I took a stab at it. You might say that French Toast is kind of cheating when it comes to making American food, but everyone says it’s not actually French so why not.

Me and Rebecca manning the stove.

French Toast and a host of toppings, no maple syrup though.

Overall the whole event was a success, but French toast in Cameroon comes with some distinctly Cameroonian challenges.

#1) You can’t buy all your ingredients in one place, and once you have found them you don’t just walk to the car, you have to walk all the way home. It’s amazing how heavy two bags can feel 45 minutes or an hour later.

#2) Cinnamon is practically impossible to find. After searching unsuccessfully for days in stores all over the city, I happened upon a single bottle at the last minute. It was a tiny French toast miracle.

#3) In a country where people use the metric system and no one has measuring cups anyways, an American recipe really doesn’t do much good. Just keep adding until it looks right. (Makes me think of you, mom!)

#4) When the electricity is cut it gets dark pretty early in the evening and it can be hard to judge whether or not French toast is well cooked via flashlight. (Not kidding, this happens moderately often and last night there was no power from 3pm until about noon today. The pictures are deceptive because there was a flash, but we were cooking in the dark.)

Despite all this, it was fun to share a little cuisine with the family and to have a little taste of home. Plus it was super delicious!!

My host dad contemplating after his bite, I think he liked it more than it shows.
Best I ever had, wish I had more!!

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  1. Missing you and know that you will be ok; bcuz God is in control and has been and will be! May the good Lord protect and keep you; shine His Holy Spirit and blessings upon you and give you grace and peace. We love you and are so excited for you and all that you have been doing; and praying that you will be able to demonstrate in a "Big" way all that God has shown you thus far!!! Grandma Hazel, who is looking over my should and wants to say to you; "She is dying to see you home; we miss you terribly; Grandma and Grandpa. We love you and say hello to your home family!!!" :-)