Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh The Places You'll Go

Since the last post I’ve been busy observing in schools (no teaching yetL), writing my final paper, and trying to soak up all the time I’ve got left here in Cameroon. Here’s what that means in pictures.

Map of Dschang: Since I’ve been here for a combined total of a month now, Dschang is really starting to feel like home. I’ve discovered shortcuts and alternate routes, the best boulangerie, a nice supermarché, and a good place to buy souvenirs. The map I made probably won’t mean much to anyone else, but it’s a great way for me to remember everything I’ve seen here. 

Church: My Dschang family is protestant so I have been going to church with them. It’s a really sweet church and I wish I knew how to duplicate the overwhelming atmosphere of hospitality; it simply wafts over you as you walk through the doors. Last week was Palm Sunday and lots of people had actual palms to wave which was a colorful addition to the singing and dancing that already exists.
The church building. They are currently fundraising to put on an addition because it’s packed every week even with two services.
Inside the church on Palm Sunday.

Market: After church I went with my mom and host sister to the market. It’s a crazy place and you can find everything. Bras, tomatoes, shoes, pineapples, casserole dishes, jewelry, bedroom furniture, green beans: you name it, they’ve got it. (Well except peanut butter, Oreos, milkshakes, and a host of other American foods that I have been craving lately.)
A view of the chaos.

A woman selling spices. My mom identified most everything for me but I really don’t remember.
School: I finished observations in a private school last week, but didn’t get to teach because they were having monthly inspections. This week I’m in a public school and I’ll remain optimistic that all those shapes I cut out were not in vain.

(I had pictures of the school too, but I've been loading them for almost an hour and now I have to go. Blame the super slow internet because you're going to have to wait for another post. Sorry!)

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