Monday, March 14, 2011

85 and Sunny

In lieu of an official spring break, I spent the weekend at the beach in Kribi. It was wonderful to swim and the water was extremely warm. Not to mention how great it was just to have a weekend without homework. Basically I don’t remember what it means to “bundle up” and the following pictures are posted with intention of making the rest of you realize what you’re missing. That’s right, be jealous. 

Me and miles of beautiful beach!

A little crab that I found on a rock, I think he's cute.

What did I say about being jealous??
"The Pull" Cameroonian style.

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  1. OK Mission accomplished I am jealous :-(. It is so cold and raw here I just want to hop on a plane to any where warm. The beach is beautiful as are you! Thanks for sharing. Glad you got a chance to relax and enjoy. Only 5 groups of 10 and a few extra left :-)
    love you tons,